About us

Many years ago I wrote a book entitled Home Guard in which I showed this new design of VIPER 4 alarm. Yet, strangely enough, it never really became a demanded device due mainly to my lack of marketing energy.

Today, however, it is becoming a vital and much-needed means of home weaponry to keep us all safe.

If you would like a copy of Home Guard, we can email a PDF version for R50.

For those who would like to see images of electronic buttons and boxes, sorry to disappoint, but they all look the same, what you want is efficacy not a nice looking white plastic box to admire. 

Okay, let's explain the modus operandi of our systems, or our main objective... simply stated, we have designed a family of weapons to deploy to protect you and your loved ones at a touch of a button. We have removed the risk of reprisal that is present in a confrontation. Do not exert any energy, nor even get your adrenaline going. Just watch your enemy arrive on your property, while you are watching TV and deploy your weapon/s of choice. "Know your enemy" "box smart".