Viper 4

Imagine being able to repel, in fact, impart great fear into a gang of violent attackers on your home with the mere push of a button.

Well, imagine no more, at Viper Alarms, we have perfected just such a device!

We call it the VIPER 4 because it triggers four separate alarms simultaneously. When you activate your alarm it also triggers three other alarms installed in your nearest neighbours homes.

Yes, this presupposes that you have managed to enlist the cooperation of your neighbours, but keep in mind that although you may not be friends with them, it serves as a powerful weapon for them as well. In fact there is no more effective weapon for them or you!

Why do we make such a bold statement? Simply because we have designed this alarm vastly different from any other alarm in the world. When triggered the first alarm SCREAMS, at high volume, "HELP WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!" The second alarm on your neighbours home screams at high volume, "THE POLICE ARE COMING!" The third shouts, "I AM COMING" and the fourth "ARMED RESPONSE IS ON ITS WAY!"

The Four Horsemen have a message and so do we! We are fighting back!