The enemy is getting bigger and stronger and more brazen, what will you do to protect yourself and loved ones?

Viper Alarms were created with family safety as the top priority.

Like the Four Horsemen, we are sending a message to criminals, your time has come for being stopped! The "being nice" period has ended!

Take back control and finally have a safe form of protection that anyone of your family members can operate. 

Because the unit is designed to incorporate your community/neighbours, you can feel safe knowing that your community has your back in a dangerous situation.

There are five VIPER Alarms to choose from but they will eventually work in tandem so we suggest starting with the VIPER4 and then installing the more offensive weaponry, such as the VIPER BITE, or VIPER TRIP, or VIPER SQUIRT and finally the VIPER BANG.


The VIPER range of alarms and weapons are console-based. What this means is that all our devices are triggered by a remote control on a panel. You may start with a single remote control button, then add another until you have all five controls on a console panel. Not much different to Devcon used in military operations. You can order extra remotes to hang around your neck whilst working in the garden or to use in your car as an anti-hijack weapon. Extra remotes could also be strategically deployed around the home for rapid access. In case of a medical emergency it could be used to summon help from neighbours.


The VIPER 4 is a house defense system that is linked to three other members of your neighbourhood, alerting them to an attack on you and your family. See how your whole community unite against an attack whilst sitting comfortably on the sofa.


Yes, once bitten, twice shy. VIPER BITE is designed to hurt the intruder. The constitution allows for self defence to the point where taking the life of an attacker is allowed. So let's live by the constitution.


This is an offensive weapon designed to deliver some pain and suffering on those who would violate your privacy and cause you harm. We are reaching the stage in this country where you cannot expect mercy from hardened and torturous criminals, so it is not unfair to play by their rules.


The VIPER BANG is LOUD. It will wake the dead. It sends a message unlike any other alarm system in existence. Trigger this and the enemy will mess his pants. Help yourself and your neighbours by installing a VIPER BANG without delay. It is best used as a back-up to the VIPER 4.

Viper Car


The VIPER CAR is not anything like what you could imagine and yet, in my humble opinion, it will revolutionise your protection whilst in your car and your car when it is parked on the street!!!

Besides wetting your pants when you are hijacked, what else could you possibly do?

The days of confusion in this regard are history. Call me to find the new secret weapon for  you and your cars!

VIPER ALARMS put you in control at the touch of a button! - "May THE FORCE be with you"